Parents  have  to  be  well  rounded  when having  more than  one  child  .  THey ned  to  attend  to  each one needs and  be  apart  of  their  day  ins  and  outs  of  life  that  happen  never  giving  one  more of their  time  than  the  other  or  put  the  needs  and  attention  just  toward  one  of their  children BUT  this  is not  possible  and  does  not  happen  when  you  have  a child  who is  a drug addict.

Siblings so  often  take  a  back  seat to the  child  with  addiction  b/c the parent  total  focus  is on the  addict  24/7.  Parents  miss  other  children  activities  or  even  if they  are there in  body their  mind  is  standing , sitting (mentally),worrying  about , or  angry  with  the  child  that  has  the drug  addiction. It  is  so  unfair  and  not  right  . The  siblings  learn  that  the  addicts  life  engulfs their  parents  every moment  and  a  distance ,jealousy  and  hate  sometimes  begins  to  develop, fester  and  grow . The  sibling  is  forced  to  grow  up  very  quickly  b/c  of  the   bad   choices  of  their  addicted  brother/sister

The  sibling  often  becomes the  parents  outlet  good  and  bad  they lean on them and  take  out  all  their  frustrations  and  anger  out  on  them/  This  adds more  issues  to an  already  turmoil  situation. Siblings  really  get  the  short  end  of the  stick  but  it  can  be  a  blessing  within  the  curse  it  can  show them  the  exactly  what  addiction  and  drug  abuse  does  to  the  addict  and  the  family.

Parents  of  the  other  child  often  need  to  choose  the  addict  or  the  no addict  it  is  a  choice  no  parent  ever  wants  to  make  but  what  do  you  do  when the  situation  and  the  addict  repeaditly  continues  on their  path  of  destruction .  You  choose  to  be  a  parent  from  a distance  either  physically  or mentally. All b/c  of  bad  choices of  onr  family  member   lives  are forever  changed


Life has to go on !

When a  parent  has  a  child  with  a  drug  addiction life  stops  because it  basically it  has  to . The  reason  the  addiction  of  your child  engulfs not  only  the addict but  you  as  the  parent  as  well. It is  your  every  moment  of  thought ,action, life in  general you  forget  about  everything  and  everyone  else  because  you  wan to  stop  and  save  your  child  from the  nightmare  they  chose  to  live.BUT you  can not  instead  you begin to live  your  own  nightmare  were  you begin  to  lose your  mind  .

A parent  of  an  addict  has  to  step back  at  some  point ,at  least I  did, and decide  is  this  how  they  want  to  live  forever constantly  in mass  confusion,terror  and  anger. I had  to  let my child  live  with his own  choices  and  deal  with the  consequesences because  of them and  those  consequences  were  life  altering  to him  and us .

I learned  though  to  be able  to  function  I  had to move  forward  and  allow  my  life and  the other  people in my  families  life  to go on and  not  stand  still  b/c  of  my  child’s addiction.  That  was  not  easy  and  some  days  it  was  impossible  but  to  be there  for  my  son  I  had  to be able  to   function  and  not be trapped  in  the  vicious  circle  of  self  blame and  enabling  of  his  addiction .  Some  called it  tough  love  I  called it  survival for  myself  and  the rest of my  family.

Each  person  decides  how  they  will  handle  situations  but in  every  situation  Life  must go  on

Other People’s Opnion

Everyone  has  an  opnion  on  addiction what they  would  do  what they  would  not do . The  you should  do this  and  why  do  you  put up  with  that  and I would never  allow  that  to  take  place in my  home  from my  child , throw  them out , put them  in  rehab,  give them  tough  love ,  no love ,extra  love  it goes on and  on the  list of  things  you  should  as  a parent of  an  addict do .Almost  everyone  is  a Monday  morning  quarterback  who  have  hind sight  twenty  twenty of  a  situation  they  are no  part of . People  wonder  why  parents of  addicts do  not  share  their  situations  or  talk  about the  nightmare  they  live  daily  because  so  few  will listen  who have  not  been there  without  critisizing  any  decision  one  chooses  to  do  to help  the  their  addict  child, It is  a very lonely  place  that  is  not  helped by those who  talk  about you and  what  you have  prayed about  cried  about  and  chosen  to do  praying  to  God  it was  the  right  decision this  time.

This  all  changes  those  when  people are  on the  same  side  of  the  fence when they  have an  addict  for a child  they  become just  as  defensive and  guarded and  suddenly unjudgemental  of the  nightmare  so  many  people deal with  daily that  they  once  were so harshed to  judge. No  addict  or  loved  one  of  an  addict  journey  is  the  same. The  common  denominator  is  the  drugs  that  rule  the  situation. Opinions  are  not  needed  plans  and  solutions  are  needed  to  change and  stop  addiction. Well meaning  suggestion  can  be  just  another  kick in the  stomach  knocking  the  wind  out  of  the  loved one of  an  addict   again .  Think  before  we speak  because  truly  unless  you have been there  you have  No Idea  and  even  if you have  no  2 situations  are the  same . Sometimes  are  ears  were made  to  just  listen not  to  a be device  to  activate our  mouths  with opinions  and  advice  we  are  not  qualified  to  give .  Society needs  to  do  something about  our  ,out  of  control  drug  situation  but  instead of judging  it  we  need  to come  together  as  one  and  fix  it.

May  no parent  go through the  nightmare of  having an  addict because  it  will  forever  change your  world




The  addict can  recover  completley from  their  addiction  and  some  do  but  it  is  only through  wanting  to  for themselves  and  were  as they need  a  support  system  and  must have  one  to help  fight  the  battle the  battle  is  mostly  fought  alone  and  in the  scariest  of  places  their  own  mind.  Only the  addict  knows what  their  weaknesses  are and  their trigger  points  to use  and  only  they  can  back  away  from them  RUN  FROM the  to  stay  in  recovery . Unfortunatly  recovery  is  a  very lonely  place  for the  addict  they  can not  hang  with the  “friends” ( other  addicts)  they  had and  in the  beginning  of  recovery  they  don’t  have  friends  who  don’t  use  or they  do not  know  how to  relate  with them.

An addict  can  feel  so lost  and  loved ones  feel  just  as  lost b/c they  don’t know  what  to  do   you  can  say  all the  right  words  like  a manuscript  from  a movie but  words  can only  be  but  so  helpful  you  can  support  them and  encourage them but  in the  end  the  decision  and  battle  is theirs  alone  to  stay  clean and in recovery .  ParentS want  their child to have  a  normal  life  friends , being  a part of family  gathering  doing  every  day things BUT  it  is  all to the  addict to  want  that normalcy  and  achieve  it . It  is  a  struggle  to watch  your  child struggle  to  rebuild  and  rediscover their  self  and  their  lives it  is  holding your breath waiting  to breathe  experience .


Just  like  an  addict  the  parent  and  other loved  ones  of  an  addict  can only live  in today. I  know that  is  true  for  all  people  but  definitly  those  of  an  addict .  As the  parent  if you  look  back  to the  yesterday  you  will beat yourself  up  with  so many  things  and  if  you  look  to  tomorrow  you will  holds  the  regrets of  yesterday  in  your  mind be/c of  what  could of  been  and  did not  happen. I  have  learned  many  things  from  being   a parent  of  an  addict .  I have  learned  its  ok  to  be angry  and  to hate the  drug  addict  and  all the  things that  happened  through their  addiction. I have  learned  that  people  are  going  to  judge the  situation  of  addiction no matter what  choice  you  as  a  parent  does  to help or  not  help  the  drug  addict  child . I have  learned  most of  all one  can  not  undo  regret .

Today  is the  day  we  must  focus  on most of  all  because  today  is  the  only  day  they  i  can take min  by  min  second by  second  and  try not  to  live  from  yesterday and  make  promises  for  tomorrow  I may not  be able  to  fufill  because  today  did not  go  as  planned.  I am  continual  holding  my  breath waiting  to breathe  but that  is  just for  today  may  tomorrow  I  will exhale  completly


Why  is  my  child  a  drug  addict, why  do they  not  care  what they  are  doing  to themselves,to me, their  siblings, those that  love  them  boyfriend  girlfriend ect. WHY WHY WHY  its  a  question that  vibrates  through  your mind  and  out  your mouth  like  a  spoil  child  throwing  a  tempertantrum. It  is  a  question that  can  never be  answered b/c there is not  a justifable answer  that  will  make  it  ok  for the  things  the  drug  addiction  made  you  do  and  there  really is no  answer  to  why  one  begins to  use  . There  are a lot  of  excuses  and  blame  but no  answers .

Why is the  addiction  so much more to  you  than  your mom  why did  you  let it  destroy  you answer meeee!!  I  have  said  those  words  throughout my  sons  addiction to him  to the  wall  and  to the  few  who knew the  situation but there  was  no  answer  which makes  it  so much  harder to  dwell  on the  question.

I know the  answer  a little  better now  that he  is  in  recovery and  has  almost  2 years  of being  clean but the  answers   still  don’t  stop the  pain the  question  caused. I  have  always  said  if you  don’t  want  the  answer  don’t  ask the  question  but  this is  one  of many  questions  that  haunt me. Even  with  him  being  in recovery 2 years  I  still  have  the  question why  because   recovery is  only  a  daily  stepping stone  there is  still  so many  days  tat  are  rough and  bad  and  you  still think  some of things  that  you  did  when they  used . Watching  a recovering  addict  struggle and  overcome obstacles  I  still have  the  question WHY WHY WHY did this  happen and  my  only  answer is  one  night  while  out  with  his  friends he  chose  to use  a  moments  decision that  changed  his  and  everyone in his  life forever . WHY  WHY WHY

Just another day

When one has a person addicted to drugs in there life everyday is just another day that one has to deal with the addict and all the daily issues that come with having an addict in your life. See families and loved ones are very cautious about having people over or celebrating special days or events because they never know how the addicts day will be or how they will act. My experience was my son would be at his worse during special occasions  which made for even more hurt feelings,tears and dread. I got to a point were I would rather sleep through a holiday or event than deal with the nightmare that would occur.

Even when the person with the drug addiction isn’t there they still dominant the day because your thoughts are wondering what they are doing ,who are they with and why can’t they just be normal . Everyday is the same day when there is an addict in your life with the exception some are far worse than others because the drug  addict steals all the limelight from others and makes everything and everyday about them The sad thing though is they don’t realize it and they do realize it but just don’t realize the memories f nightmares they are making.  The life of a drug addict is the same thing everyday just another day because addiction doesn’t allow for special things because that would take away from the addiction and until the addiction ends it is a continual circle that occurs

Senseless loss

There is  so much  loss in the  life  of  a  drug  addict  and their  families and  I know  I have  referenced  to it many times in my  blog post  and  will  probably  continue  because  loss  is  the  one  of the  consistent  things that do occur in  the  world  of  drug  addiction but the out  of  all the  things  lost and  never  regained  the most  senseless and  tragic is  the  loss of  life  because  of  the  disease of  addiction.

No  parent  should  ever  have  to  bury  a  child  but   sometimes  it  is  unstoppable ,diseases  occur , car  accident  happens , even  horrifically  one  could be  murdered  or  commit suicide. All of  those  loses  are  heartbreaking  but  the  loss of  a  life  to  an  overdose is  so  senseless  and  so  preventable  on  so many levels , Addictions  kills  when one  chooses  not  to  stop  but  once  the  addiction  takes the  life  of the  addict  for them it  is  over  but  for their  loved  ones  their  mom and  dads  the  loss  is  forever   and  it  is  a  loss  that can  destroy  them  just  as  much  as the  drugs  destroyed the  addict and  it  is  SO SENSELESS  SO VERY  SENSELESS.

Every time  I hear  about  another  life taking  b/c  of  this  disease  it  breaks  my  heart  and  I  wonder  will my  son  decide  one  more time  will be ok. See   another  young  person in  our  community lost their life this  weekend to the battle  of  addiction  someone  my son knew  someone he  used and  hung  with  a  beautiful life  taken  way before they  had  a  chance  to live.  Words do not  help in this  situation no  matter how  comforting they  are  and  how  heartfelt  they mean  to be. I  wonder  what does  one  addict  truly  think  when  another  addict  dies  from  the  same thing they  do  no matter  how  in invinceable they  think  they  are  somewhere in the  back of their mind  their  invincibility must  waver  some.




The  after shock  of an  earthquake  can  be  almost  as  devesting  and  destructive  as  the  actual  earthquake itself  when  an  earthquake  occurs.  Just  as  the  aftermath  of  a person  drug  addiction  into  recovering  can  be  not  only  for the  addict but the  loved ones  as  well.  The  addict can  experience  a  different  range  of  things that  may  happen  to them they may go  through the  withdrawals , anger  toward oneself  as  well  as  those  around  them  and  for  awhile  an  emotional  roller  coaster  of  feelings  and  fears  as  does  the  loved  ones. The  addict  may  never  recover  and  bounce back  and  forth  between  short  periods of  not  using  but  eventually  always  returning  to  the  demon  they  are unable  to   give  up control  to .Then  the  ultimate  thing  the  addict may  do is  lose the battle completely  and  die. All  of these scenerios  have an  aftershock  for the friends  and  family  of the  addict  but  especially the parent  of an  addict.

My  son  used  for  about  4 strait  years  mainly  marijuanna  in the  beginning  but  the  last  year  of  his  addiction  he was  strung  out  on  some  very  hard  drugs , meth,coke ,pills, heroine you name  a  drug  and  he  would  try  it  . No  parent  ever thinks the  day  their  child is  put  in their arms  he  will  grow  up  to be  a drug  addict  actually the  worse  two lies a  parent  tells them self  is  my  child  would  never  use  drugs  and  I  would  know  if they  were using . I  told my  self  those  lies  so  many  times  b/c  I  didn’t  want  to  face  what  was  in  front of me  a  19 year  old  drug  addict  I was  afraid  to be  alone  with  or  to  leave  in my  house  by himself .  I  thought  it  couldn’t get  any  worse  but I  was  wrong very  wrong  he  overdosed and  than  the  aftershock  of the nightmare began .

He  was  placed in  psych  unit  b/c he  saw  dead  people  ,he  heard  voices  that told  him  to kill and harm his  family  he  had  no idea   who he was  where  he  was  or  who  I  was  his  body  survived  the  overdose  for the  most  part  but  his  mind  was  lost in  darkness  after  shock  was  a  point  8 on the  rictor scale  at this  point. Everyone  told me  at least he was  a live no  he wasn’t  alive  yes  he  had  a  heart beat  yes  he  walked ,and  ate but  other  than  that my  son was gone he  was  as  dead  as  if  the  overdose had  took his life  BUT  I  could not bury him I  had  to  grieve  a  living  person  which  is  a  nightmare  within itself more aftershock . No one  understood  but  as  with  every night  comes  daylight  and  with  every earthquake  and  aftershock  comes  regrowth  and  new  development.  The  son  I  watched  grow  from  a little boy into a  man  with  addiction is  dead  forever  and  I miss  him  sometimes  very much b/c  my new  son  is  different  person in lot  ways  not  all  good but  not  all  bad he  just  different he  in not  my —- . The  aftershock is  still there almost  two  years later  we  rebuild  a little  each  day  sometimes  we have  to  bulldoze  and  start  from  scratch  but we recover