Other People’s Opnion

Everyone  has  an  opnion  on  addiction what they  would  do  what they  would  not do . The  you should  do this  and  why  do  you  put up  with  that  and I would never  allow  that  to  take  place in my  home  from my  child , throw  them out , put them  in  rehab,  give them  tough  love ,  no love ,extra  love  it goes on and  on the  list of  things  you  should  as  a parent of  an  addict do .Almost  everyone  is  a Monday  morning  quarterback  who  have  hind sight  twenty  twenty of  a  situation  they  are no  part of . People  wonder  why  parents of  addicts do  not  share  their  situations  or  talk  about the  nightmare  they  live  daily  because  so  few  will listen  who have  not  been there  without  critisizing  any  decision  one  chooses  to  do  to help  the  their  addict  child, It is  a very lonely  place  that  is  not  helped by those who  talk  about you and  what  you have  prayed about  cried  about  and  chosen  to do  praying  to  God  it was  the  right  decision this  time.

This  all  changes  those  when  people are  on the  same  side  of  the  fence when they  have an  addict  for a child  they  become just  as  defensive and  guarded and  suddenly unjudgemental  of the  nightmare  so  many  people deal with  daily that  they  once  were so harshed to  judge. No  addict  or  loved  one  of  an  addict  journey  is  the  same. The  common  denominator  is  the  drugs  that  rule  the  situation. Opinions  are  not  needed  plans  and  solutions  are  needed  to  change and  stop  addiction. Well meaning  suggestion  can  be  just  another  kick in the  stomach  knocking  the  wind  out  of  the  loved one of  an  addict   again .  Think  before  we speak  because  truly  unless  you have been there  you have  No Idea  and  even  if you have  no  2 situations  are the  same . Sometimes  are  ears  were made  to  just  listen not  to  a be device  to  activate our  mouths  with opinions  and  advice  we  are  not  qualified  to  give .  Society needs  to  do  something about  our  ,out  of  control  drug  situation  but  instead of judging  it  we  need  to come  together  as  one  and  fix  it.

May  no parent  go through the  nightmare of  having an  addict because  it  will  forever  change your  world