Drug  addiction  takes  so much & so many  different  things not  only  from  the  addict  but  from the  loved  ones of  addicts as  well. Material  things  are  taken  by  the  addict  from loved  ones to pay  for their  addiction and  at  times  addicts will  steal  from  others  as  well  causing  more things to be  taken. Time  is  a  huge  thing  taken  b/c  days,weeks,months  and  years  are stolen  from  all those  affected  by  the  drug  addiction  the  addicted  is  consumed with.

During the  time  that  things are  being  taking  those  affected  by  it  really  don’t always  notice their  losses how can they  when they are slowly being  taken  from them  sometimes  daily  and  sometimes momentarily  but  always being  taken.  The  major  things  taken that  can never be  replaced  are  memories and moments of  memories. I  had the memories  of  my  son  going  to  social, prom and  graduating  high  school , having  a  girlfriend  or  just  hanging  out  with his  friends  doing normal  things those  things  were  replaced  with  getting  in trouble  going  to jail,  quitting  school  and  just  not  caring  what  his  actions  took  from  others.

One  thing  that  is never  taken  when  dealing with  someone  who you love is  a  drug addict is  tears  there is  always  an abundance of  tears  and  heart  ache . Those  will never  be  taken  during  the  addiction  b/c  that  is  all the  drug  addict  has  to  give during  that  time  of  their  life.

There  is  some  hope  especially  when  the  person begins  and  stays in  recovery  the drug  addiction is  taken  and  the  drug  addict  no longer exist  as  long  as they  stay  on the  road  to  recovery. My  son is  21 months  clean  but  the  child  I  gave  birth  to  was taken  with the  drug  addiction  and  aftermath  that  comes with  addiction  I  now have  a new  person  who is my  son  who  I  am  coming  to know  b/c  love  and  trust  are  also taken  during  the  period of  time  when  all the  addict  has  to  give  is  to  take  everything  from  everyone  else.

How many  loved  ones of  addicts  had  things  that  were never  taken  from them  and  how  do  you  try  to  to move on and  forward  so that you  can  receive  from the  one  who  hurt  you so  much ?



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